The Dymond Lab at Swansea University is home to two interrelated labs:


1. The Experimental Psychopathology Lab.

The Experimental Psychopathology Lab investigates human learning and emotion systems underpinning adaptive behaviour. A psychophysiology and cognitive neuroscience perspective is adopted in which the underlying neurobehavioural mechanisms of clinically relevant behaviours are identified. We design tasks to examine learning, generalization and extinction of fear and avoidance, amongst other topics, in healthy and patient populations.

2. The Swansea Gambling (SwanGam) Lab.

SwanGam aims to drive research, education, and treatment for all forms of gambling-related harm in individuals, families, and communities. A translational perspective is adopted in which gambling harms fall along a continuum and we use lab- and neuroscience-based tasks to illuminate underlying learning processes. Part of what we do involves identifying those at heightened vulnerablility to harm, such as military veterans, and capturing their harm pathways to better design and evaluate evidence-based treatment and intervention.

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