Former PhD Students

2016-2020: Glen Dighton MSc.

Topic: Gambling on Civvy Street: Assessing the impact of gambling harms on Armed Forces veterans and their families (funded by GambleAware)

2015-2020: Weike Xia Ph.D.

Topic: Partial reinforcement, response effort and extinction of avoidance

2013-2019: Gemma Cameron Ph.D.

Topic: Behavioural processes of fear and avoidance generalization in humans

2011-2015: Marc Bennett Ph.D, KU Leuven, Belgium (now at MRC CBU).

Topic: Words fail me: The generalization of fear and avoidance as a function of conceptual relations

2009-2012: Anita Munnelly Ph.D. (now at HSE, Ireland.

Topic: Transitive inference and arbitrarily applicable comparative relations

2009-2012Richard J. May Ph.D. (now at University of South Wales).

Topic: RFT and ASD

2008-2012Alice E. Hoon Ph.D. (now at College of Medicine, Swansea University).

Topic: Emergent slot-machine gambling: A relational frame theory approach

2006-2009Matteo Cella, Ph.D. (now at King’s College London).

Topic: Emotion-based learning