Team Members

Current Team Members (Researchers)

2023-2025: TBD – VEGAS II Pathways Research Officer

2023: Hannah Champion MSc – SAGE Research Assistant

2023-2026: Chloe Rayner MSc – Look Back to Move Forward Research Officer

2023-2025: Dr Glen Dighton – GREAT Research Facilitation Officer

2023-2025: Dr Cat Hitch – ACTIVATE Research Officer

2022-2023: Matthew Jones – SAGE Research Officer

2023: Dr Scott Houghton – AFSG Research Assistant

GREAT Administrative Assistant

2023-2025: Dr Ifunanya Anyanwu

GREAT Tutors


Former Team Members

2022-2023: Dr Scott Houghton – GAMGOG Research Assistant

20222023: Chris Seel MSc. BCBA – CONGAM Research Officer

2022: Dr Catherine Hitch – RWIF Research Officer

2022: Jack McGarrigle – CONGAM Research Assistant

2022: Dr Sebastian Whiteford – VEGAS Research Assistant

GREAT Research Coordinator

2020-2022: Susannah Field – Research Coordinator – GREAT Network Wales

GREAT Tutors

2021-2022: Chris Seel MSc. BCBA – GREAT Tutor in Behavioural Psychology

2021-2023: Dr Gemma Cameron – GREAT Tutor in Behavioural Psychology

Former Research Assistants

2022: Dr Catherine (Cat) Hitch – RWIF Research Officer

2022: Jack McGarrigle – CONGAM Research Assistant

2021-2022: Dr Sebastian Whiteford – ICRG and VEGAS Research Assistant

2021-2022: Dr Gemma Cameron – Ser Cymru Research Assistant

2020-2021: Dr Amy Pritchard – Wellbeing and Coping in the RAF Research Assistant

2020-2022: Dr Lucy Dorey – CONGAM Research Officer

2019-2021: Dr Glen Dighton – VEGAS Research Assistant

2020-2021: Katie Wood MSc – VEGAS Research Assistant

2018-2019: Tori Miles and Rhiannon Phillips helped set up the UK Armed Forces Veterans’ Health and Gambling Study.


10/2016-09/2017: Dr Kathrin Weidacker worked on the NCRG-funded project investigating GABA spectroscopy of cognitive control in disordered gambling. Kathrin then went on to undertake postdoctoral training at the Department of Psychiatry, University of Cambridge before taking up a lectureship at the School of Psychology, Swansea.


 01-08/2017: Elystan Roberts, B.A. (Hons) worked on the FiMT-funded veterans and gambling project.  Elystan is now pursuing a PhD at University of Bristol.

2016: Eric Eyolfson MSc.

2013-2014: Katharine Still MSc.

2011-2012: Dr James Greville

2009-2011: Dr Ting Wang

2006-2008: Dr Sara Tepearu Minster

2005-2007: Matteo Cella