2023: Gambling Commission – Social Responsibility Funds; Veterans’ harmful gambling pathways: Identification, intervention, and support. £993,000); (Co-PI)

2023: Cabinet Office/Office of Veterans Affairs – Veterans’ Health Innovation Fund; ACTIVATE: Efficacy and cost-effectiveness of a smartphone-based app to reduce harmful gambling and PTSD symptoms among veterans. £296,000; (PI)

2023: Academic Forum for the Study of Gambling (AFSG); Direct communication within the social media marketing of gambling: A machine learning approach. £3,000; Houghton S & Dymond S (Co-I).

2022: Greo; SAGE – Scoping the Accessibility of Safer Gambling Information in the United Kingdom Armed Forces: A Pilot Evaluation Study; Dymond, S (PI), Fossey, M., & Larcombe, J; £119,452.

2022: The British Academy/Leverhulme Small Grants Scheme; Gambling on Google and Twitter: A Big Data Approach to Understanding the Public Health Impact of COVID-19 on Gambling Harms; Dymond, S (PI) & Wardle, H; £9,772.

2022: Higher Education Funding Council for Wales – Research Wales Innovation Fund: Treatment of Gambling Disorder and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in UK Military Veterans: A Scoping and Feasibility Study; Dymond, S. (PI); £24,992.

2021: Higher Education Funding Council for Wales – Higher Education Investment and Recovery (HEIR) Fund: Protecting the Research Base in Wales. Dymond, S. (PI), Quigley, M., & Zuj, D.V. £21,000.

2021: Welsh Government Office for Science, Sêr Cymru III – Tackling Covid 19. Leaving Lockdown and Living with COVID-19: Protection May Increase Fear and Avoidance. Dymond, S. (PI), Zuj, D. V., Quigley, M. (Co-PIs). £65,000.

2021-2022: International Center for Responsible Gaming. Identification and modelling of the schedules of reinforcement in live-odds betting. Dymond, S., (PI), James R.J., Hoon, A.E., & Tunney, R. $36,000.

2020-2023: Health and Care Research Wales (Research Development Infrastucture); Gambling Research, Evaluation and Treatment (GREAT) Wales Network. Dymond, S. (PI). £75,000

2020-2021: RAF Benevolent Fund; Understanding the nature and extent of gambling related harm among the RAF community. Dymond, S. (PI); £52,000

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2018-2021: Forces in Mind Trust; Gambling Participation, Financial Management and Healthcare Costs in ex-Service Personnel. Dymond, S. (PI), Rees-Larcombe, J., Fossey, M., Kitchiner, N., Hogan, L, & Rogers, R., Amour, C., & Kosnes, L. £280,000

2017: Swansea University Research Grant Enabler (SURGE); Bid Development: The First Survey of Gambling Disorder Among Serving and Ex-Serving Members of the UK Armed Forces; £5,500

2016-2017: Forces in Mind Trust; Gambling Behaviour among post-National Service Veterans: Preliminary Evidence from the 2007 Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey of England (FiMT16/0202S);  Dymond (PI), Kitchiner, Fossey, Rogers and Hogan (CIs); £40,000.

2016-2019: Responsible Gambling Trust, PhD Studentship, Gambling on Civvy Street: Assessing the Impact of Gambling-related Problems on UK Armed Forces Veterans and Their Families; £60,000.

2016-2017: National Center for Responsible Gaming; Neurochemistry of cognitive control in gambling vulnerability. Dymond (PI) and Boy (CI); $35,000

2015-2016:  European Brief Therapy Association, A pilot study of brief therapy for reducing overgeneralization of fear through solution-focused discrimination training. Lommen (PI) and Dymond (CI); €3500

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2007-2008: Wales Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience (WICN) Research Grant, ERP correlates of emotion-based learning. Dymond (PI) and Turnbull (CI); £3,000

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2005-2007: The British Academy Small Grants Scheme (SG42246), The flexible use of emotion in decision-making. Dymond (PI) and Turnbull (CI); £7,480